A Competition to Celebrate the New Site

Due to the overwhelming  excitement of launching the new site/brand and associated social media pages.. I have decided that I will celebrate with a competition. I spent some time just before Easter considering how I can present a prize that engages with the winner and also allows people to be creative with their entries. My thoughts all came back to something you can ‘touch’, ‘hold’ and subsequently ‘hang’.

This all came back full circle to my recent exhibition… so I have decided to give away a framed print from my recent exhibition at the Salerno Gallery! After much deliberation of which to offer I have decided on the following image from the Mahon Pool in Maroubra (shot with my Yashicamat 124g 6×6 TLR!). Entrants will be required to take a photo (in any way.. camera.. phone.. film..) of where they would hang this print!

Mahon Pool 12″ x 12″ (14″ x 14″ Framed) Print

So what do you have to do? Just read below!

  1. Head to the facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/photographybyjackchauvel) and hit like!
  2. Share the post about the Competition on your own wall
  3. Take a photo of  where you would hang this print and email to info@jackchauvel.com

It’s that simple. You can even share the photo of ‘where you would hang the print’ on the Fan Page if you like. Now the tricky thing for this competition is the T&C. The print is already framed and ready to go, and I would like to deliver the print in person once it has been won/claimed. So at this point in time the winner must live in the greater Sydney area.

Dont let this scare you off however! For those that would like to enter and live in Australia, but do not live in Sydney… I have a lovely 8×12 print (unframed) of Cronulla that I am also giving away. Simply follow the above instructions except email me (info@jackchauvel.com) where you are from! I will pick one person at random.

Cronulla Sunset

Pretty easy eh? I will pick the winners on Monday the 16th of April at 8pm (EST). T&C listed below.

  1. Winner of framed print must live in Greater Sydney area
  2. Winner of unframed print must live outside of the Greater Sydney area. Framing/Mounting of print is up to the winner.
  3. Winners will be drawn at 8pm EST on Sunday the 22nd of April!
  4. Framed print is 14″ x 14″ in size. Print is 12″ x 12″ mounted within frame.

Good luck! I will share some comical places you could hang this print later in the week.

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