Hello, I’m Jack Chauvel.

I am a Wedding Photographer from Newcastle, Australia.

I get a kick out of shooting weddings and documenting stories.

Let Me Tell Your Story

Everyone has their own story and being able to communicate this story through photos and providing a memorable experience is why I love weddings.

I have a hands on, no-fuss approach to my photography and have a good time whilst doing it. I like to bring a great level of excitement and energy to each and every wedding I shoot. I love getting involved with good banter and terrible jokes; but with a friendly and easy going persona that enjoys getting amongst your wedding day. Whilst I am not a fly on the wall, you wont even notice me there as I aim to fit in and be one of your guests. Documenting people and their story has become a passion of mine ever since I fell down the rabbit hole of weddings in 2010. The process of meeting couples, getting to know them and documenting their wedding day in a story driven way is the best.

I like to get to know my clients and often walk away as friends. I want to capture all the good bits, the laughs, the smiles, the tears.. the parts that make up a beautiful celebration (which is the people). I also want you to remember the experience, and that you had fun, felt comfortable and that you were able to soak it all in.

A big part of being a great photographer is being a good person. Being friendly, relatable, easy going, attentive, empathetic and a great support. If you help people feel comfortable and feel like themselves; the rest of the photography will always fall into place.

Personally, I just love people and photography. After so many years of documenting people; I cannot think of anything else I would rather do.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to travel around the world to document stories. I have a soft spot for country weddings, backyard weddings, wild elopements and locations off the beaten track. I am lucky to have amazing clients who love what I do and take me on this journey with them all over the world.

When in Australia I regularly work between Newcastle (where I live), the Hunter Valley, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and all over Australia.

If you want someone who is super invested in helping you have the best time ever (and get some rad photos as a result)?; then get in touch as I’d love to chat.

Things That Are Important To Me

I think it is important to share your values and what you stand for. And here are some of mine;

  • Being inclusive and supportive for all types of weddings, elopements and celebrations.
  • Supporting marriage equality (Voting YES in the plebiscite and the nation saying YES was a very special day in Australian history).
  • Loving what I do and always pushing myself to create my best work for my clients.
  • Helping my clients get the most out of their wedding day.
  • Making the photography work around the day (not the other way round).
  • Capturing everyone and everything, I like to tell the full story.
  • Capturing your celebration in full, for as long as you want me there for. I offer photography coverage that suits every celebration.
  • Treating each image with care and keeping them safe until the final delivery (no lost photos here!).
  • High quality photos (no watermarks) delivered in a variety of mediums (USB, Online Galleries, Prints and Albums).
  • Being fully insured and prepared (with backup equipment) to safely cover your special day.
  • I am fully vaccinated and ready to work.

I know a long-winded about me story isn’t for everyone.. but if you are truly interested in knowing a little more about us then please read on below.

We are The Chauvels

I currently live in Newcastle with my beautiful wife, Frankie Rose. Frankie and I lived in Sydney for our entire lives until late 2021 when we bought our first home in Newcastle and made the move north. We love it here, and in August 2023 after 18 years together we travelled to Slovenia with our closest family and friends to get married in the mountains. It was so special to share in our own celebration after spending many years documenting others.

Being able to marry Frankie is the best thing I have ever done.

Frankie and I love all of the good things in life. Travel is one of our favourite things and we are lucky to have been able to see so much of Australia and the world in our years together. We also love coffee, cooking, eating, gardening, camping, gaming, relaxing (although Frankie will laugh at this as I am often working..) and just spending time with each other. To us it’s the little things that connect each other so closely and our relationship has taught me a lot over the years in being able to observe and understand others.

About 14 years ago photography turned my world upside down (in a good way) and I have never looked back.  I grew up in a house full of photographs and art, with parents who loved to travel and show me the world. Over the years my dad captured many moments of our family, whilst we adventured and grew together. Throughout my life and especially my teens, I did not know what I wanted to do. I never knew what I wanted to do. There were lots of things that I liked, but nothing that I loved. I have a shopping list of things that I tried, from hobbies to jobs to sports. It took me longer than expected to realise that maybe photography had a place in my life. Once I found it, I had to know everything about it.

I get a little carried away like that.

My favourite thing about photography is the ability to create something from nothing. To be able to have a vision, capture a moment or capture light in a unique way. My love for photography started with shooting landscapes and the natural environment. It shifted from shooting digital to shooting film and focusing on the technical side of photography. Later on through chance, I found my love of shooting weddings. I now enjoy bringing the styles and techniques that I learn into the way I document weddings.

In the future we hope to grow our little family and keep exploring this wonderful planet of ours. We want to keep working together to achieve our goals and ambitions for the lives we want to live; whilst positively contributing to the lives and experiences of others.

My clients have also complimented that they love to know they are supporting a small business that has been thriving for so many years. Frankie and I understand and are forever grateful that my clients investing in us, has afforded us a living where we are able to invest in them.

So whether it be a wedding on your parents farm, a cocktail style wedding overlooking Sydney Harbour or an intimate elopement in Iceland; I would love to be there for you.

Get in touch and we can get share our stories together.

Candid of Jack Chauvel at a Wedding

The Story About Jack Chauvel

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