Sonya & Jake Newport Portrait Session

What a fun session this was. I got together for a fashion shoot with Sonya late last year and she contacted me recently due to her boyfriend (Jake) having completed restoration on a kicka$$ VW Kombi and him wanting some photos. They were also keen on one of my portrait shoots so we decided to combine the shoots on a beautiful afternoon on the northern beaches in late March. We started off near Manly where Jake lives.. before moving up to Freshwater, Mona Vale head land and finally Newport Beach.

This Kombi will be available for hire car services and weddings. Once I help Jake get his site, I plan on doing another shoot and another post!

11 thoughts on “Sonya & Jake – Newport Portrait Session

  1. Oh wow Jack, this session gave me shivers. Its absolutely stunning, I could feel the love radiating from the page!

  2. hey love the kombi I am currently in the process of retoring a 74 was just wondering what your colour was if you know it by name or paint codes


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