The Weekly Roll / Four

Roll Four – Exploring Bombo with Frosty

This should perhaps be roll 4 & 5 as this is a combination of two rolls shot whilst exploring Macquarie Pass, Jamberoo and Bombo with my mate James Frost

I love this part of the world.. from the coast to the highlands it just changes so much in a short distance. You can get lost in the rainforests, walk along the escarpment or shoot the diverse and interesting coastline. On this particular day the weather was looking iffy and we ended up chasing the storm up through the range. Jumping a fence or two into paddocks we saw this incredible electrical storm come overhead whilst in Robertson. We followed the lightning around before winding our way back through Jamberoo to Bombo Quarry near Kiama to shoot until the light faded.

A big part of this trip is I wanted to push the bounds of some of the Black and White film I had been shooting. I loved some examples of the heavy contrast achieved with Ilford Pan F 50+ .. so loaded up and decided to shoot two rolls in varied light. For the shots at Bombo I worked with a Yellow Filter 22A filter by Tiffen, due to the basalt rocks and the light it created some amazing contrast and detail.

This was one of my first visits to Bombo, and I am lucky that I have been back a few times now. I have yet to shoot a sunrise, but one day ill get there in time to do so. I highly recommend that if you head to Bombo that you take a jacket (for the weather) and that you factor in some time to explore other places in the area.

Camera – Mamiya RZ67
Film – Ilford Pan F 50+
Scanner – Fuji Frontier SP3000

Exploring BomboThe Weekly Roll FourThe Weekly Roll FourExploring BomboExploring BomboExploring BomboThe Weekly Roll FourThe Weekly Roll FourThe Weekly Roll FourThe Weekly Roll FourThe Weekly Roll FourThe Weekly Roll Four

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