The Weekly Roll / Two

Roll Two – Roshie (Sydney Fashion Model)

I met Roshie (who is a fashion model) a year or two ago when assisting my good friend Dave Reid on a shoot he had organized with her. I simply took along a couple of my film cameras, but she loved some of the photos that I shot. We got chatting about doing another shoot, and in winter 2015 we decided to do a bit of a winter fashion styled shoot at Centennial Park here in Sydney.

We tried a couple of different looks, I shot a digital set as well as some film on my Makina. This roll was forgotten until this week, when I developed it and loved the look we had captured. The bonus being a pretty cool and lucky double exposure (the Makina is a bit temperamental and does that from time to time). I really want to shoot a lot more shoots like this purely on film, mainly for the way I love film renders the subjects, skin tones and makes the most of the location. I feel like it captures the essence of the time/place and the feel better than what I can shoot digitally (or manipulate with my editing). When I shoot, develop and scan film I really like to focus on the look that I want. Leaving most of the work done in the shooting + development stage, and keeping the scanning as simple as possible. The only touch ups I really do post scan in the Fuji Frontier is dust removal, contrast and maybe tweaking the sharpness here and there.

A bonus frame on this roll was a photo of my beautiful mum and my nanna when we had lunch for my mum’s bday.

Camera – Makina 67
Film – Kodak TMAX 400 (Developed in Kodak XTOL 1+1)
Scanner – Fuji Frontier SP3000

Roshie Fashion ModelRoshie Fashion ModelThe Weekly RollRoshie Fashion ModelThe Weekly RollRoshie Fashion ModelThe Weekly Roll

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