The Weekly Roll / Nine

Roll Nine –  The Guernsey Green Lanes

A little bit in a gap between weeks for me, as I recently traveled in the UK for a month with the family. Part of the trip was to an island my dad grew up on, called Guernsey. I plan on sharing a whole big post about the entire trip, but to start I am happy to share just a single roll which I shot whilst walking and exploring the Guernsey green lanes.

The Guernsey green lanes are lanes reserved for walkers, bikers and horses. They are scattered around the island and create a rabbit warren of walks and places you could spend days exploring. This roll was shot across a couple of days, on a foggy afternoon it started when I found a farmers field with a German WW2 bunker they had converted into barn storage. Surrounded by recently planted fields, the fog was so thick and fast it created a very spooky mood across the landscape. The following day I walked with my parents down the local greenlanes near my grandfathers house, before we spent the evening enjoying a party with friends at their gorgeous cottage. The light was perfect as the sun slowly set, being summer in Guernsey it doesnt get dark until 10pm, with a prolonged period of golden light that was enticing whenever it decided to come out to play.

Camera – Makina 67
Film – Kodak Portra 160
Scanner – Fuji Frontier SP3000

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