The Weekly Roll / Eleven

Roll Eleven –  Sunrise over Narrabeen

When I first got into photography I loved spending one to two mornings a week capturing sunrise around Sydney. I used to organize photography meetups at sunrise, pick a location I wanted to shoot and meet friends for a shoot and breakfast afterwards (usually awesome pies at The Upper Crust in Collaroy). On this particular morning I had the idea of shooting sunrise over Narrabeen at this rock outlet/flow at the end of the point (just past the ocean pool) at North Narrabeen. I was still trying to learn how to capture sunrise on film, with quite a lot of the older lenses I have not performing great when shooting directly into the sun (flaring), and balancing the available light with the filters I did have. I had only really my Mamiya RZ67 at the time, which is one of my favourite medium format cameras. It is a big hefty thing to lug around though, sturdy on the tripod and very easy to see the scene unfolding in front of you. I decided to shoot on Kodak Ektar, it is a very saturated colour negative film, which gives vibrant colours and really fine grain. For me I usually like to shoot this for dynamic scenes, over the likes of film like Fuji Velvia, purely for the dynamic range and latitude you have with it.

Quite often for me, shoots such as this is more about the experience and the result is all a bonus. On this particular morning, there was nice colour but no cloud. Clouds really can make or break a morning (either with no colour, or amazing colours as far as the eye can see). Thankfully I really had a great time focusing on a fisherman who was shooting along the point, and a pelican who was stalking his bait bin.

Believe it or not, this roll sat in my drawer for a year before I had it developed, and then I didnt scan it for another 2 years after that. Much to my excitement, it turned out fantastic. I am looking to plan a few more trips before day light savings kicks in again,and definitely shooting some more on film.

Camera – Mamiya RZ67
Film – Kodak Ektar 100
Scanner – Fuji Frontier SP3000

Sunrise over NarrabeenSunrise over NarrabeenSunrise over Narrabeen Sunrise over Narrabeen Sunrise over Narrabeen

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