Ripples Chowder Bay Wedding

Ripples Chowder Bay is a wedding venue with a waterfront location right on Sydney Harbour overlooking Clifton Gardens in Mosman.

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The waterfront restaurant can be found within the renovated old submarine miners’ depot heritage building and features the original timber framing and weatherboard walls. The venue has a wonderful large deck area with a retractable roofing system that means you can have a cocktail style or seated wedding reception outside in all types of weather, all year round. It is an especially lovely location to enjoy in the afternoon as the sun starts to set and the views of Sydney Harbour come to life.

One of the best things about Ripples Chowder Bay is that you, your bridal party and your guests can arrive via ferry. It is such a fun and unique way to show off Sydney Harbour views to your guests and arrive in style.

Bride and Groom (kissing) on Ferry on Sydney Harbour overlooking Sydney Opera House

About The Restaurant

Can we have our wedding ceremony here?

No. Being primarily a restaurant, most couples choose to have their wedding ceremony elsewhere and utilise Ripples Chowder Bay as their reception venue.

There are quite a few wedding ceremony options for you to consider nearby to Ripples.

A popular spot for wedding ceremonies is down on Clifton Gardens beach, up at Georges Heights Lookout (which overlooks Sydney Harbour) and other local parks/locations (such as Balmoral Beach or Bradley’s Head Amphitheatre). Chat with me if you want some ideas – I’m happy to provide recommendations.

Can we have our wedding reception here?

Yes. Ripples is a restaurant that is well-experienced at hosting wedding receptions.

What is the address?

Building 7 C, Chowder Bay Rd, Mosman NSW 2088 (directions)

How many guests can we have?

Up to 101 guests (sit-down) or up to 200 guests (cocktail setting)

How much does a Ripples Chowder Bay wedding cost?

Ripples has two options for wedding receptions, formal dining or cocktail style.

A formal dining reception starts at $150 per person and cocktail style starts at $135 per person and includes food and a beverage package.

There are also a number of premium upgrades that you can pick from and specials for mid week and off season weddings. For full package details, customisations and inclusions, it is best to contact the wedding venue. You may enquire via email or call the restaurant directly on (02) 9960 3000.

Does the venue have on-site parking?

There is plenty of parking available on Chowder Bay Rd.

Ripples Chowder Bay Wedding Photos

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Why I Recommend Ripples Chowder Bay

I love photographing weddings at venues that allow the day to flow at its own pace. Ripples Chowder Bay does just that, with a wonderful space that allows weddings there to flow through the formalities and into the party.

A view of Ripples Chowder Bay from Chowder Bay Wharf

The location is absolutely stunning. Set high in the Chowder Bay Precinct overlooking Clifton Gardens. I find the area really interesting and fun to photograph. There are many photography options available with the old buildings on site, Chowder Bay Wharf, Clifton Gardens Beach, Middle Head, Georges Heights and some other wonderful locations a little further afield (Balmoral Beach and Bradley’s Head to name a couple).

Bride and Groom blowing bubbles on Chowder Bay Wharf near Ripples Chowder Bay

Each of the weddings I have photographed at Ripples have been a lot of fun to document (both sit down and cocktail style). With the beginning of the evening and formalities taking place out on the balcony, before the dance floor and party kick off inside the restaurant. The dance floor is a great space here, with enough room for a big band (or DJ) and plenty of space for the rest of your guests to relax and mingle.

The space at Ripples is open and relaxed. This helps create the perfect opportunity for me to capture candid and natural moments throughout the wedding. My clients are always looking for photography that is unobtrusive and for those true unscripted moments. A venue has a big impact on this, and is one reason why I recommend Ripples.

Some Additional Tips

  • The late afternoon is absolutely spectacular. When planning the run of the wedding day, make sure you include some time where you get to enjoy the views from the balcony at Ripples before the formalities start.
  • The best time of the day for wedding photography is as the sun starts to set so (please) plan some time for this.
  • Are you planning on having your wedding ceremony further away from the area? Consider arranging a ferry to pick yourselves and your wedding guests up after the wedding ceremony to take you to Ripples. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy some quality time mingling with your wedding guests (not to mention a unique experience for them all).
  • Like most Sydney wedding venues, Ripples Chowder Bay includes a menu tasting. Why not go with family and friends and enjoy this experience together? It can be a great way to show off the location as well as enjoy some quality time with those important people involved in your wedding day.
  • A farewell at a wedding can be an exciting way to finish off what is a momentous occasion. A sparkler exit along the water to waiting water taxi can be a wonderful way to wrap up an epic day of celebration (plus it looks really amazing in photos).

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Hi, I’m Jack & Here Is A Real Wedding From Ripples Chowder Bay

If you haven’t gathered by now, I’m an Australian wedding photographer. I’d love to show you an example of a real Ripples Chowder Bay wedding that I photographed at this venue. If you like what you see, email me for a quote.