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Roll Three – Panorama Adventures with my 6×17 Camera

I first picked up my 6×17 format film panoramic camera a few years ago on a whim. When I first got into shooting film I was intrigued and amazed by the plethora of formats, technical feats in design and the ability to have specific cameras for specific purposes. I found my match tho, the Fuji G617 is a beautiful camera but a hard one to tame. The format being so specific, the focal length being fixed and the fact you only get 4 photos per roll.. made it something I was scared to use at first .. but over time have loved the simplicity in it’s use. I can happily take it out and take 4 photographs, and that is it. It slows down the process in picking the right composition, moment and photo that I want to tell. I find that I will specifically perhaps look for different panorama adventures to go on, yet not end up shooting any at all.

That means that quite often a roll might sit in the camera across trips, or ill only shoot 1 or 2 frames as I go. Here are 4 photographs from 3 locations.. Sydney Harbour, Skimstone Winery in Mudgee and a long road outside of Milthorpe near Orange on a snowy winter morning.

The two shots of the harbour, one before sunset and one during the blue hour show off the beautiful Sydney skyline from Kirribilli. I loved the afternoon shot, especially as the light captures different elements in the scene (like the yacht passing under the bridge). The long exposure on dusk really plays to Fuji Velvia and its vibrant colours. Skimstone was a beautiful winery which you pass as you come into Mudgee, and I loved this road .. I actually shot this mid morning in the mist/fog after the snow that had fallen the night before. I raced around Orange, Milthorpe and Blayney looking for compositions that would favour the weather conditions (it was COLD!).

Camera – Fuji G617 6×17 Format Panorama Camera
Film – Fuji Velvia 50
Scanner – Epson v700

Panorama AdventuresPanorama Adventures Panorama AdventuresPanorama Adventures

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