What wedding album options are available?

I offer (as a base) 10″ x 10″ and 12″ x 12″ sized albums which all compliment each other in the way they tell a story. All of my albums come with 30 spreads (60 pages) as standard which is plenty of spreads to tell your wedding story in. The albums can be upgraded to a total of 40 spreads (80 pages) if you’d like to fit even more in. The albums are printed on a fine-art matte paper with beautiful colour reproduction and presentation.

There are a number of album cover and embossing options that you can choose from. As standard; included in my album pricing is one of the of the linen/book cloth options as well as front cover embossing).

There are also a number of additional album upgrades that you can order/purchase for your album including additional embossing, custom embossed designs, album slip cases and of course additional album spreads for your design.

Please consult my pricing guide for the full information.

I have samples of each album that I offer, and I am more than happy to show you exactly how awesome they are in person. They can be ordered at any time before or after the wedding day.

Since I design in a square format that can be translated from the largest size, to the smallest; it allows me to produce the one design across multiple formats. From this I can also create parent albums (which are a duplicate of a main album) for parents upon request.

All albums include the album design process and a 3 stage process of design and delivery.