What is your pricing?

My ‘All Day’ wedding photography coverage starts at $3950.00 and includes up t0 10 hours of photography. I also offer a range of collections for my clients which includes engagement/prewedding photos and printed wedding albums. I have a Pricing Guide which has some more information about myself and these collections, just head on over to the contact page and fill out the form and ill send my latest pricing guide to you.

Where are you based?

I am based in Newcastle and Sydney in Australia. I do however travel all around Australia and overseas to document weddings and elopements.

Do you travel for weddings?

Why yes! In fact I love to travel for weddings. It is one of my favourite things to do.

I am more than happy to travel within Australia or overseas to document weddings.

I have already been involved with destination weddings in around Australia, Iceland, Italy, Fiji and destination pre-weddings in Hong Kong, Bali, Italy, Scotland and England.

Click here to see some of these Destination Weddings.

It all starts with an email, so get in touch and we can discuss your destination wedding/elopement plans and how I can be involved.

How do we book you?

Booking is very simple. There is a retainer ($1000.00) and a contract to be signed (all completed online). Once this is all done, the date is then locked in!

We can then organise a time to meet up for coffee in the lead up to the wedding to chat more about the little details.

Just contact me and we can take it from there.

How long is your normal wedding coverage?

Every wedding is different, and every wedding day follows its own schedule.  I find myself to be documenting most weddings for between 8 to 10 hours; however up to 10 hours is included in my all day coverage. Additional hours can be added as you require.

Do you offer wedding albums?

I love my wedding albums and showing them off to anyone who asks. I personally love the feel of holding images in the print form of a wedding album. I like to keep things simple, so I offer a ‘square’ format lay-flat fine art matte albums. Whoosh that is a mouthful isn’t it? I have samples of each album that I offer, and I am more than happy to show you exactly how awesome they are in person. They can be ordered at any time before or after the wedding day.

What album options are available?

I offer (as a base) 10″ x 10″ and 12″ x 12″ sized albums which all compliment each other in the way they tell a story. All of my albums come with 25 spreads (50 pages) as standard. There are a variety of cover material options (leather or linen) and embossing.

I have chosen to offer albums of this size as it is a great way to present a wedding story in photographs. The price is known upfront (rather than having to pay for extra spreads/pages later), and can be increased to 45 spreads (90 pages) upon request. Since I design in a square format that can be translated from the largest size, to the smallest; it allows me to produce the one design across multiple formats. From this I can also create parent albums (which are a duplicate of a main album) for parents upon request. All albums include album design and a 3 stage process of design and delivery.

Am I able to purchase an album after my wedding day?

You are able to purchase an album (or three) before or after your wedding day. I have capped the time period at 12 months from the date I deliver your photos for you to take advantage of the included initial design & design change sessions. After 12 months there will be a small consultation fee for us to get together to discuss and design your album.

What information do you need before the wedding day?

I like to keep things simple so do my best to gather all the information required before the wedding day. I do this by sending out a ‘Wedding Questionnaire’ around 6 weeks out from the wedding. In short however, the following information below definitely helps out on the day (and I am more than happy to help plan aspects of the day if you are unsure).

  • Run sheet: A basic running schedule of the day. It must cover the times of arrivals/departures, significant events and allocated times for portions of the day.
  • Significant photo list: As much as I would love to be, I am not a mind reader. I will capture your day as I see it, however if you have some significant moments, items, people that you would like an emphasis on then please communicate this with me before the wedding day. Communication is key for both of us, so that I understand your expectations and you understand my knowledge of your wedding day.
  • Group photos & allocated time: If you want group photos on your wedding day, having some allocated time and a list of groups will make this process much easier. It should take no more than 15 – 20 minutes and be stress free. Taking the casual approach usually leads to a lot of stress and potentially missing out some groups.
  • All of the locations (exact addresses): I use this information to plan how I am getting around, and this can be a bit tricky especially if in a different city, state or country so the right information is always appreciated. I have knocked on the wrong house before, due to getting an incomplete address!
  • The important contacts: There are times that I need to get in touch with people in a rush, so it is always handy if I have not only your immediate contact numbers but those of others who are playing a big role in the day (parents, bridesmaids/groomsmen). This is usually all covered in the Wedding Questionnaire.

How long do you need for photos on the wedding day?

One of the most enjoyable and fun parts of the day is my session capturing some lovely portrait photos with you. More time is never a bad thing.. I understand a wedding day can be full on and busy, but I sure do appreciate having an adequate amount of time for portraits. How long do I need? I need 15 – 30 minutes for group/family photos, 15 – 30 minutes for wedding party photos (with your wedding party) and up to 1 hour with your good selves on your own (so let’s say 2 hours total, 90 for the portraits). This is generally enough time with a buffer if we run over time. The last thing you want to do is rush around on your wedding day, but if things run a little bit late, then we usually lose some time for portraits.

I wrote a little article about ‘light’ and how to make the most of it for Wedshed.