Weddings have evolved over the years and have now become a lot easier to make them more unique for each and every couple. A big trend now is the Destination Wedding, where you pack your bags and celebrate marrying the love of your life in somewhere different to where you call home. This might be elsewhere in your state, say you live in the city but get married in the country. Elsewhere in Australia, so a Wedding or Elopement at Uluru when you live in Brisbane.  Many are now heading further abroad, marrying in places such as Fiji, Bali, Yosemite National Park (in the USA), New Zealand or even Europe! The sky is the limit and you can now have the wedding you want, where you want.

I feel very lucky to have been able to travel for my photography, and I always feel honoured when I am asked to travel for wedding. If it is elsewhere in NSW, Australia or even overseas, it gives me a great way to connect with these clients (we usually hang and spend some time together and make the most of the location) but also to have a fresh approach to a new location.

I am a Wedding Photographer based in Sydney, Australia but I also like to call myself a Destination Wedding Photographer as I will shoot anywhere. Below you will find some of my favourite Destination Weddings that I have photographed