Featured Work by Jack Chauvel

This is a page of Featured Work by me (Jack Chauvel). This is work featured on some amazing blogs, websites and magazines. These features can be great sources of inspiration. I have put this together so you can easily find that inspiration again.

Hello May

An amazing blog which celebrates weddings. Hello May is great for inspiration for  intimate, styled and rustic wedding days. I have loved their blog and magazine for years and was over the moon when they decided to feature one of my all time favourite weddings. An intimate backyard wedding no less!

They shared Anna & Michael’s Newtown Backyard wedding.

Featured work by Jack Chauvel - As Seen In


Hooray Magazine

I had been reading Hooray since they launched and loved the way they celebrate any type of celebration. They have such a wide variety of content, as well as a lovely way of presenting what they show.

They shared Katrina & Jamie’s Epic Spring Wedding which was a super colourful and fun party. One of those weddings I fondly look back upon every single time I see the photos (and the feature).

Featured work by Jack Chauvel - As Seen In



I love Wedshed. The amazing team of Amy & Mel are putting couples in touch with amazing venues. I love them so much I have decided to affiliate with them to help spread the word.

They featured Katie & Martin’s Secret Creek Wedding.

Featured work by Jack Chauvel - As Seen In


They also included a few of my photographs in some other awesome posts on their website.

Weddings & Animals Cameos – http://www.wedshed.com.au/animal-cameos/
Dad & Daughter Moments – http://www.wedshed.com.au/dad-daughter-moments/

Less Stuff More Meaning

Less Stuff More Meaning is a terrific blog which is focusing on more ethical, eco and ‘less stuff’ weddings for couples who give a stuff. I really like their ethos and the message they are trying to communicate with what they share. I was very chuffed that they shared Ari & Gus and their beautiful eco wedding.

Ariana & Angus had the most beautiful wedding. They planned their wedding with an ethical mindset about having less stuff and more meaning. It felt like the perfect fit for the blog named Less Stuff More Meaning. I love the message they share and I was over the moon that they decided to feature this beautiful wedding.

Less Stuff More Meaning


Polka Dot Wedding

Polka Dot Wedding have supported me from the very beginning, featuring me for the first time way back in 2013. I really appreciate that my work resonates with the team at PDW and that they actively want to show it to the world. I am forever humbled and thankful for the support and love seeing my photos on their blog.

Kym & James and their dreamy Icelandic Elopement was featured at Polka Dot Wedding and Polka Dot Honeymoons. I adore these two and Rose and I feel privileged to call them our friends and to have shared this special experience with them both.

Iceland Elopement


Shehani & Teshan and their modern Sri Lankan Wedding was a treat to capture and looks amazing as a presented feature.


Caitlin & James and their intimate Hazelhurst Gallery Wedding looks awesome on the Polka Dot Wedding blog.

Confetti Photo of Caitlin and James showing their wedding feature


Nelly & Anthony and their industrial style Engagement Session at Cockatoo Island is the perfect engagement inspiration for couples over at Polka Dot Weddings.

A silhouette photo on Cockatoo Island


Katie & Bryce and their fantastic Dunbar House Wedding was my very first feature! A very special story that meant a lot for me to capture, and delights me to see it featured.

Jack Chauvel - As Seen In


Modern Wedding Magazine

This well established magazine has both and online & print line of features. I was lucky enough to assist Styled by Linda & The Wedding Entrepreneur on a styled Engagement Shoot at Audley in the Royal National Park. It was then featured by Modern Wedding Magazine in their styling handbook and on their website.

Eloise & Ben were fantastic participants who received some beautiful photos from the shoot! I had met them previously when working with my former mentor, Daniel K Cheung.

Jack Chauvel - As Seen In


Featured Work by Jack Chauvel

You can read more about myself and my photography on my about page. I love capturing weddings big and small, in Australia and abroad. If  you like my style and my approach then lets connect as I would love to be involved in documenting your story.