Chris & Joanne A Surprise Wedding Announcement in Leura

So quite a few months back I got an email.. it was first about a ‘friend’.. and then it was a ‘potential date’ and it progressed further and further until finally.. the cat jumping straight out of the proverbial bag it became a surprise wedding! The surprise wedding of Chris & Joanne, which I am proud to say i’ll be shooting in only a couple of weeks time.

Unlike many portrait/engagement shoots prior to the day, this is in fact at the exact spot the magic will happen. The idea was that the images would be printed large and as part of an elaborate scheme of surprise, alerting all the guests upon arrival at the location, the beautiful Everglades Gardens in Leura in the Blue Mountains.

But wait.. if it’s a surprise.. then how come I can blog about it? Well it was announced a little early.. which I have a feeling these kinds of events are a little hard to keep under wraps. Alas, I dont mind as I get to share this sooner than expected! These two have a lovely story together, and compliment each other so well. It shows through the way they look at each other, how they talk to each other and how they just¬†are¬†together.

Once again congrats to Chris & Joanne, I am glad you two have decided to tie the knot sooner than you had planned. See you both very soon.

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