Bali on Film My Own 2012 Reflection

I am never good at these things. There is a fine line between writing what you think will read well, and writing what you honestly think and feel. Unlike many, my reflection doesn’t include wedding photos and whilst I am thankful for all my clients and brides of 2012 (and the upcoming ones in 2013) they have helped paved the way, but haven’t solely done so. My trip to Bali in August was one of peacefulness. It is hard to put my finger on it, I have seen Jonas Peterson write about Bali often.. he is a well travelled man with a good eye and a warm heart.. and he also finds this sense of peacefulness in Bali…. and now.. thankfully.. I actually get it.

I like to think of myself as a morning person, but ill be honest.. I am truly only on a morning person on a wedding day. But apparently.. not in Bali. Every day I would wake at dawn and enjoy the sounds, smells and feel of my surroundings. I would wake with a feeling of calmness, and a drive to pick up my camera and venture out in the cool of the morning. This sense and drive to take in what I see, and experience it for myself and take photos was really refreshing. Dont get me wrong, I love taking a photo.. I love taking photos of others and I love capturing amazing, important and milestone events such as wedding days. The entire process of meeting, booking, getting to know clients, capturing the day and the reaction of the delivered photos warms my heart. Everytime and everything I shoot I reflect upon and take it back and use it to better myself, and to give more to my clients (this is all part of the process).

Alas, I crave more.. but that is a personal desire and want/need/drive to express what I rarely can say with words, with actual photos. Whilst my Bali trip was short, I had the opportunity to take some amazing film frames during my stay. This culminated with my last day, where I had the whole day to myself exploring from dawn until dusk.. with the very last hours of my trip spent at the house of a newly made friend, with his wife and fanily and seeing how they live. It was one of the most rewarding things for me to capture.. well ever. There was a language barrier.. it did not matter. We played in the street and we took some photos and shared laughs. I wont ever forget it.

So I thank you Adi for taking me into your home, sharing your family and letting me experience a real side to Bali.

So as 2013 begins. I have a few thank yous.. quite a few.

– To those close to me for helping and supporting and smiling when I point a camera your way.

– To those that push me out of my comfort zone and strive for me to get better and better.

– To those that drive me absolutely bonkers most of the time, I still love you.

– To my friends who I have not been able to see as much as I like. I still love you all, it hurts but its what needs to be done to get to where I want to be.

– To my clients, I hope you get as much joy and memories from your photos as I had taking them. Thank you for entrusting me with documenting the stories of your lives.

Have a very safe and Happy New Year.


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