A Mona Vale Morning

It has been a wet and wild few days. I had the pleasure of shooting Chris & Joanne’s wedding on Sunday.. in some trying conditions in Leura but it was a wonderful celebration of love between two people. The images from that will soon flow onto the blog.

Until then however just a frame or two from a sunrise trip last weekend to Mona Vale. I really have been hoping to capture a spectacular sunrise before I get stuck into the wedding season; which all kicks off after my short trip to Bali in August. Ill be doing my best to share some more personal work, but I will be focusing on bringing a whole lot of new content onto the website/blog. I have a plethora of weddings and portrait shoots to blog about that definitely need some love!

Mona Vale Sunrise Seascape in Sydney AustraliaMona Vale Sunrise Seascape in Sydney Australia

If you can picture this, or any one of my other photos printed and framed on  your wall; then simply email info@jackchauvel.com to discuss the possibilities further.

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