A Little Slice of Brunswick Heads

As we approach Anzac Day next week It brings back many memories of a place I have been visiting my whole life, Brunswick Heads. It is about 20mins north of Byron Bay.. a little seaside town with a laid back attitude and way of life. My Nanna & Pa made this place home about the time I was learning to walk.. and I have been walking around Brunswick Heads ever since. Long instilled in my memory are days at the beach, the old shops, shopkeeps, the river, fishing and many many school holidays spent cruising around the area.

The beauty of a place such as Brunswick Heads is the slow evolution and change, in the sense that I have been able to go back and document the place as it is, and in many ways it still is the way I remember it.. and will remember it forever. I enjoy the process of this because for many other places that have had a big part in my life, I don’t get this opportunity. The time is gone, the place has changed.. the opportunity missed. I guess that can be said for many occasions before I picked up a camera, or once I did.. the times I decided to leave it at home. This year I am not up there for Easter.. like I have been for many years of my life but I cant wait to get a few days free to make the journey up again soon. I think it will be a place I visit for my entire life.. and I am hoping to document it in a different way each time.. and so that people can later look back at how it was, maybe the way it still is.

The Brunswick River looking towards Mount Warning
Mount Warning Rainforest
Hills Hoist Stars
Whites Beach, Broken Head
Fishing at Brunswick Heads
Coffee at the Crystal Castle
Mount Warning
Brunswick Heads

With my move now complete, the blog will be flooded with content over the next couple of weeks. It feels great to share again. This post is a mix of digital + film for those with a keen eye. All shot on my Nikon d700/Yashicamat 124g and Mamiya RZ67.

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